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The CRM Software that SME's use for a simple way to manage their client relationship data without all of the overly complicated setup process and unnecessary callback and complicated sales pipeline tools that will never get used.

Simple CRM Software have brought to you client relationship management software that is very easy to use and presented on a dashboard that is easy on the eye that doesn't baffle even the smartest of minds when trying to use and edit it.

After testing all of the CRM software available on the market today, we realised that unless you are a large sales company looking for diarised callback features, automated email features and systems that claim to automate customer communication processes for you, that there is nothing available out there for the rest of the businesses in the world that want an easy to use piece of software to simply store client contact information and store a record of all communications and interactions with customers.

We also realised that the people that have designed all of these CRM software systems have paid no attention in designing a dashboard that is simple, basic and easy to engage. Most people we spoke to informed us that they give up when trialling these CRM systems because they are met with complicated dashboards that take hours to try and workout and engage.

We therefore decided to end the frustration for millions of businesses around the world that do not require loads of over complicated data tools, sales funnel management features and automated email and callback tools they do not need for their operation and intensive training in order to get a CRM system setup and off the ground and running.

We have stripped out all of these complicated tools and built a dashboard that anyone can instantly engage and begin using within seconds. No more jargon or CRM systems built for geniuses that charge extortionate amounts of money.

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Pay Monthly Simple CRM Software

CRM software for SME's with a 7 day free trial.

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Find out why our top CRM software offers the best value for money around.

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No CRM Training Necessary

Our CRM Software is so simple to use that even a technophobe will be able to use it with ease. Get started today with the best CRM software. Get your team using your new CRM system within a few minutes and able to use all of the features.

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